• DIP001
    Automatic hydro pneumatic feed control of drilling machine
  • DIP002
    Automatic pneumatic sheet clamping and bending machine
  • DIP003
    Automatic job sorting system
  • DIP004
    Automatic clamping and drilling machine
  • DIP005
    Automatic drilling and reaming machine
  • DIP006
    Automatic clamping drilling and indexing machine
  • DIP007
    Automatic washing process
  • DIP008
    Automatic dipping process control
  • DIP009
    Automatic stamping process 
  • DIP010
    Accident avoid system for heavy cutting machine 
  • DIP011
    Battery operated plastic sheet cutting machine
  • DIP012
    Computer controlled job indexing and drilling using microprocessor  
  • DIP013
    Design and fabrication of pneumatic ramming holder  
  • DIP014
    Fabrication of solar air cooler  
  • DIP015
    Development of cooling system for agro diesel engine
  • DIP016
    Plastic injection moulding machine 
  • DIP017
    Design and fabrication drill jig  
  • DIP018
    Pneumatic vice and jack 
  • DIP019
    Hydraulic jack 
  • DIP020
    Pneumatic belt conveyor  
  • DIP021
    Hydro pneumatic jack 
  • DIP022
    Hydraulically operated cylinder liner puller  
  • DIP023
    Material transporting system control with controller 
  • DIP024
    PVC ball making machine 
  • DIP025
    Hydro pneumatic feed control of drilling machine using plc
  • DIP026
    Fabrication of pneumatic controlled sheet folding machine  
  • DIP027
    PLC controlled pneumatic elevator
  • DIP028
    Fabrication of the sand Muller 
  • DIP029
    Fabrication of vertical side wall mosaic polishing machine
  • DIP030
    solar cooker
  • DIP031
    Job sorting system depending on their height
  • DIP032
    Sand slinger
  • DIP033
    Three in one air washer blower and dehumidifier
  • DIP034
    Pneumatic controlled elevator system 
  • DIP035
    Design and fabrication of pneumatic punching machine 
  • DIP036
    Pneumatic material handling device 
  • DIP037
    Fabrication of pneumatic riveting machine
  • DIP038
    Fabrication of jolting machine 
  • DIP039
    Material transporting system using three axis robo 
  • DIP040
    Material conveying and counting system  
  • DIP041
    Pneumatic elevator using rod less air cylinder 
  • DIP042
    Material transporting conveyor using double acting cylinder
  • DIP043
    Fabrication of abrasive cutting machine  
  • DIP044
    Fuzzy logic based light intensity controller  
  • DIP045
    Flexible manufacturing system  
  • DIP046
    On line length measuring instrument using photo deductor (without cylinder)
  • DIP047
    Hydraulically operated pipe bending machine 
  • DIP048
    Pneumatic controlled pick and place robo  
  • DIP049
    Water level control using plc/ microcontroller  
  • DIP050
    Automatic material storage system (single columns and three rows)  
  • DIP051
    Automatic material storage and retrieval system (single columns and three rows)  
  • DIP052
    Digital controlled X &Y axis table movement in a milling machine
  • DIP053
    Fabrication of grass cutting machine
  • DIP053
    Fabrication of grass cutting machine
  • DIP054
    Fabrication of spring winding machine  
  • DIP055
    Fabrication of coil winding machine
  • DIP056
    Energy efficient conveyor with auto dimensioning mechanism 
  • DIP057
    Motorized jack 
  • DIP058
    Pneumatic hack saw cutter
  • DIP059
    Thermo coal cutting machine  
  • DIP060
    Fabrication of Peddling pump  
  • DIP061
    Fabrication of hydraulically operated washer making machine
  • DIP062
    Fabrication of semi automatic arc welding machine 
  • DIP063
    Fabrication of indexing table mechanism for vertical milling machine  
  • DIP063
    Fabrication of indexing table mechanism for vertical milling machine  
  • DIP064
    Fabrication of pneumatic controlled mini broaching machine
  • DIP065
    Fabrication of pneumatic controlled mini slotting machine 
  • DIP066
    Automatic bar feeding mechanism 
  • DIP067
    Automatic motorized hammer striker  
  • DIP068
    D & F of abrasive belt grinder  
  • DIP069
    D & F of abrasive jet m/c  
  • DIP070
    D & F of hot & cold water dispenser 
  • DIP071
    Digital controller coil winding system 
  • DIP072
    Energy saving lighting arrangement  
  • DIP073
    Fabrication of room cooler & heater  
  • DIP074
    Fabrication of pneumatic controlled drill jig  
  • DIP075
    Fabrication of indexing mechanism for vertical milling machine 
  • DIP076
    Fabrication of motorized automatic door opening and closing system 
  • DIP077
    Fabrication of universal drill jig  
  • DIP078
    Fabrication of motorized mini hack saw cutting machine 
  • DIP079
    Fabrication of packing line control  
  • DIP080
    Fabrication of two axes automatic drilling machine 
  • DIP081
    Fabrication of co ordinate (three axes) automatic drilling machine 
  • DIP082
    Fabrication of button activated gear shifting modification in a two wheeler for a handicapped man
  • DIP083
    Fabrication of reverse gear arrangement in a two wheeler moped ( TVS XL Model ) for handicapped person
  • DIP084
    Fabrication of mini sheet rolling machine
  • DIP085
    Fabrication of mobile window model air conditioning
  • DIP086
    Energy saving in refrigeration system using brine solution  
  • DIP087
    Fabrication of mini bottle cooler
  • DIP088
    Fabrication of PLC Trainer Kit 
  • DIP089
    Fabrication of automatic bottling plant
  • DIP090
    Fabrication of circular saw cutting machine
  • DIP091
    Fabrication of small ice making unit
  • DIP092
    Fabrication of shell core making device  
  • DIP093
    Fabrication of unmanned railway gate automatic gate open and close system 
  • DIP094
    Fabrication of air cooler 
  • DIP095
    Fabrication of air cooler cum heater 
  • DIP096
    Fabrication of paper plate/ cup making device  
  • DIP097
    Rain activated wiper