• DA97
  • DA97
  • DF01
    Fabrication of automated Guided vehicle(AGV)
  • DF02
    Fabrication of pneumatic auto feed riveting machine
  • DF03
    Automatic double axis welding machine
  • DF04
    Automatic vehicle accident information system
  • DF05
    Air Compressor using crank and slotted link mechanism
  • DF06
    Fabrication of automatic head lamp alignment system
  • DF07
    Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
  • DF08
    Portable vegetable cutter and slicer
  • DF09
    Automatic solar traffic and street light controller
  • DF10
    D&F pneumatic reciprocating saw machine
  • DF100
    Quick lifting jack with Gear Arrangement
  • DF101
    Automatic Birds Scarer Machine
  • DF102
    Emergency Braking System in Four Wheeler (EBS)
  • DF103
    Automatic Pneumatic stand for two wheeler
  • DF104
    Fabrication of Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
  • DF105
    Fabrication of Digital Gear Level Indicator for Automobile
  • DF106
    Fabrication of Twin spindle Drill Holder
  • DF107
    Fabrication of Slotting Attachment in Drilling Machine
  • DF108
    Solar Powered Automatic head light Dim/Bright Controller
  • DF109
    Fabrication of Pedal Operated Water pumping system
  • DF11
    Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
  • DF110
    Fabrication of Rotary Vane Pump
  • DF111
    Fabrication of magneto-bearing system
  • DF112
    Fabrication of brake show monitoring system
  • DF113
    D & F of Manual Coil Winding Machine
  • DF114
    Fabrication of Rotary Kaller
  • DF115
    D & F of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector
  • DF116
    Automatic Sensor Operated Pneumatic Braking System
  • DF117
    Fabrication of solar UPS
  • DF118
    Fabrication of Automatic Spring Rolling Machine
  • DF119
    Fabrication of pneumatic disc brake
  • DF12
    Fabrication of milling attachment for lathe
  • DF120
    Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder
  • DF121
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine
  • DF122
    Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
  • DF123
    Fabrication of Automatic cold chamber Die Casting Machine
  • DF124
    Fabrication of Solar Fan with Lighting System
  • DF125
    Digital locking system (Password) for Two wheeler
  • DF126
    Fabrication of Electro-Magnetic braking System For Automobile (EMBS)
  • DF127
    Fabrication of Electronic Braking System
  • DF128
    Automatic Lamination Machine
  • DF129
    Automatic Water Tape Controlling System
  • DF13
    Fabrication of automatic pneumatic hammer
  • DF130
    Fabrication of Rotary Gear Pump
  • DF131
    Fabrication of Pelton Wheel Turbine
  • DF132
    Fabrication of Detra fan for Industrial Application
  • DF133
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Grinder
  • DF134
    D & F of Pneumatic Printing Press Machine
  • DF135
    Fabrication of Concave Attachment for Lathe
  • DF136
    D & F of Abrasive Belt Grinder
  • DF137
    Fabrication of Motorized Hydraulic Jack
  • DF138
    Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
  • DF139
    Fabrication of foot press hand washing machine
  • DF14
    Automatic electro-plating coating system
  • DF140
    D & F of Automatic Lubrication Machine
  • DF141
    Automatic Rain operated wiper and Head light Dim/Bright Controller
  • DF142
    Automatic drunken driver avoiding system for automobile
  • DF143
    D & F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe
  • DF144
    Automatic head light dim and bright controller with engine overheating alarm
  • DF145
  • DF146
  • DF147
  • DF15
    Fabrication of pneumatic bending/bend removing machine
  • DF16
    Fabrication of automatic pneumatic reciprocating grinding machine
  • DF17
    Fabrication of solar seeds sprayer
  • DF18
    Fabrication of hydraulic ladder
  • DF19
    Fabrication of hydraulic pallet truck
  • DF20
    Fabrication of road curve finding robot
  • DF21
    Automatic visitor guided robot
  • DF22
    Fabrication of pneumatic automatic sheet cutting machine
  • DF23
    Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
  • DF24
    Automatic vehicle accident prevention system
  • DF25
    Fabrication of solar parabolic water heater
  • DF26
    Automatic pneumatic gear changer
  • DF27
    D&F pneumatic auto feed punching machine
  • DF28
    Elimination of carbon particles from exhaust gas
  • DF29
    Fabrication of hydraulic break show riveting machine
  • DF30
    Fabrication of catalytic converter for automobile
  • DF31
    D&F mini hydraulic press machine
  • DF32
    Fabrication of internal grinding attachment for lathe
  • DF33
    Fabrication of timer based solar tracker
  • DF34
    Fabrication of solar air cooler
  • DF35
    Fabrication of cam less air compressor
  • DF36
    Intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler
  • DF37
    Line following robot
  • DF38
    Fabrication of mini robot car
  • DF39
    Fabrication of plant cutter
  • DF40
    Automatic reserve indication system
  • DF41
    Fabrication of Air Leak Detector
  • DF42
    Fabrication of switch board Cutter
  • DF43
    Fabrication of Tube rolling machine
  • DF44
    Automatic pneumatic vice and jack
  • DF45
    Automatic vehicle locking system by using without helmet
  • DF46
    Fabrication of integrated drunk and drive prevention system
  • DF47
    Fabrication of fire sensing and fighting robot
  • DF48
    Fabrication of Pantograph Universal Gas Cutting Machine
  • DF49
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller
  • DF50
    Power Saving System for Lathe
  • DF51
    Fabrication of Electronic ignition system
  • DF52
    Non-Conventional Door based power generation System
  • DF53
    Energy Saving Light Arrangement
  • DF54
    Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder
  • DF55
    Fabrication of Digital Fuel Level Indicator
  • DF56
    Sensor Operated Automatic Reverse Braking System
  • DF57
    D & F of Automatic Lubrication System
  • DF58
    Fabrication of tyre pressure monitoring system
  • DF59
    Fabrication of fork lift
  • DF60
    Fabrication of wind energy vehicle
  • DF61
    Fabrication of solar birds scarer
  • DF62
    Solar panel auto tracking system
  • DF63
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Quick return Mechanism
  • DF64
    Fabrication of Mini Water Service Station
  • DF65
    Fabrication of oil pump and water pump for jeep and tractor
  • DF66
    Automatic Vehicle Speed measuring using IR Rays
  • DF67
    Fabrication of spring separator
  • DF68
    Automatic Plant Water Moistening System for Garden
  • DF69
    Fabrication of Universal Tapping Machine
  • DF70
    Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine
  • DF71
    Fabrication of Solar Lighting System
  • DF72
    Fabrication of automatic electro hydraulic braking system
  • DF73
    Automatic motorized door open/close mechanism
  • DF74
    D&F automatic pneumatic riveting machine
  • DF75
    Fabrication of emission tester for automobile
  • DF76
    Fabrication of miniature boiler
  • DF77
    Fabrication of Automatic hand break Release
  • DF78
    Fabrication of lathe Coolant Pump with Fitting Arrangement
  • DF79
    Design and Fabrication of Cam Vice
  • DF80
    Fabrication of cylindrical Tapping Machine
  • DF81
    Cordless security System for Cars
  • DF82
    Two Wheeler Automation with security System
  • DF83
    Fabrication of Cam Operated Valve
  • DF84
    Fabrication of transformer heat reduction system
  • DF85
    Fabrication of Multi-process Cutter
  • DF86
    Automatic Break Failure indicator and Engine Over Heating Alarm
  • DF87
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice
  • DF88
    Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
  • DF89
    Fabrication of Portable Service Unit
  • DF90
    Fabrication of rotary vacuum Pump
  • DF91
    Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack
  • DF92
    Fabrication of Floor Cleaning Machine
  • DF93
    Hydraulic Puller for Automobile Engines
  • DF94
    Fabrication of Spark Plug cleaner and Tester
  • DF95
    Fabrication of Magnetic Iron Separator
  • DF96
    Fabrication of Emission control of Diesel Engine
  • DF97
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Drill Jig
  • DF98
    Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler (IBS)
  • DF99
    Pedal Operated cell phone charger